The Importance of Party Hats

Today we would like to wish a happy birthday to Julia's cousin — and our reigning queen of sparkles — Katie Q!

As Molly said in her last post, we all celebrated with Katie in San Antonio last weekend. Katie is full of love for others, and was such a source of joy for Julia. We wanted to make sure she felt completely celebrated on her birthday, since another year of being together is definitely something to celebrate! The weekend was full of laughter, hugs, dancing, and, of course, the #1 birthday accessory:


Donning a party hat makes you feel like a kid again, back when your day of birth was something you looked forward to all year long. A time when half-birthdays and even quarter-birthdays were still celebrated!

After the age of 25 (when you can legally rent a car, the time often thought of as the “quarter-life crisis”) the birthday excitement starts to die down. It then becomes common to not want to make a big deal out of this day, especially if things in your life aren't going exactly the way you'd pictured they would be.

Well we say, F that! Why do 5 year olds get to have all of the fun? Birthdays are a celebration of orbiting around the sun another time — how can we not celebrate that?

If you need a little help getting in the birthday spirit, use our trick: party hats! Whether you celebrate with your family, friends, pets, strangers, or solo, you'll have instant birthday magic when you put one of these on.

When we celebrated Julia's 29th birthday last year, Katie brought party hats to the festivities. Before her birthday, Julia felt apprehensive about turning one year older, scary-close to  turning the-dreaded-30; but she put on her party hat, and looked at the day as positive. Turning 29 gave her a chance to celebrate the last year of her 20s!  That weekend ended up being full of joy and contains so many of my favorite Julia memories.  Even though I wasn't able to physically be with Julia on her 30th birthday this year, I am grateful for the party we had last year!

Our challenge to you is not to shy away from your birthday. Don't use it as an excuse to dread getting older and examine areas where you are lacking. Use it as excuse to wear a party hat, dance, and celebrate traveling around the sun. Because really, how cool is that??


A time to cry and a time to laugh. A time to grieve and a time to dance.  Ecclesiastes 3:4